Wash your car regularly on a weekly basis in order to prevent the accumulation of dusts, dirts and any harmful material from forming up on your car body. Do not use water alone or any other detergent to wash your car as wrong mixtures of chemicals will result in your car body paint to fade away quickly. Use FORCH Auto Shampoo (R527) to give your car a much needed clean up.


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Protect your car with a professional finishing coat of FORCH Wax Polish Royal (P349). Depending on your car mileage and weather exposures, we recommend that you polish your car every 3-6 months.

Lastly, maintain your wheel with FORCH Wheel Rim Cleaner (R515) and FORCH Active Tyre Foam Care (P320) to give your wheel the shines it needed. It’s like putting on 4 new wheels to your car every now and then.

Visit any of the nearby FORCH authorised workshop for more details.

May the FORCH be with you and your car!