5 Note durable motorcycle maintenance

The car care requires time and effort, but bring a lot of value. Here are 5 points noted to maintain the ability to work effectively.
1. Clean
Shiny cars bring beauty and increased confidence for the owner. Cars with dirt clinging much lower value car clean. To keep the original freshness, consider investing detergent and water. The harsh detergents in the industry to make cars rusty, paint color down fast. In addition to polishing to keep the car looking like just shipped.
Each one has its own way of cleaning. But the beginning is built on a platform between the outrigger hard to turn wheel, shifting and twisting the throttle grip. Spray detergent into the car and use the brush clean cloth. Should be cleaned regularly to keep the new car.


2. Care saddle
Exposure to rain and sun, saddle quickly faded and aging. Though the chassis spotless, but will not look good if the saddle is old and damaged. Before cleaning, use compressed air to blow dust and dirt. If you skip this step, the dust will scratch the surface of the skin. After blasting, use detergent specialized vehicles. Detergents contain alkaline or acidic surfaces will cause discolored skin, entries. Then clean with water and detergent foam, dry your last step.
If signs of skin discoloration, simple measures are used polished concrete is derived from petroleum.
3. Maintenance of batteries
Batteries do not require regular maintenance, further steps are also quite simple. PC problems anytime weak or weeks not driving it is time to recharge the battery instead it continues to discharge.
With battery acid, monthly check fluid level in the bottle. Without the need to add distilled or deionized. The electrodes should be kept clean to perfection to avoid tissue -ve: Cleaning salt, sediments or oxidized outer layer. Check the batteries in both the voltmeter and gear due proportion.
4. Replace the components working life
Periodically replace the spark plug after 16,000 miles. Longevity of the spark plug may vary depending on the type of vehicle. Please read the user manual to make the best decision. Also need to learn the basics about the spark plug to choose the right kind. For example Irdiun spark plug for some special vehicles.
Like your car, regular oil changes should also after 1500-2000 km. Neglect of oil changes is one of the common errors made perishable engine.
5. Check tires
Last but not least, you should check the tread weekly. If you notice anything unusual when driving, replace the tire immediately. Driving with worn tires is dangerous excess, addition, tires can be inflated when overheated.

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