How to fix basic motorcycle parts 2: Fire

After sharing experience repairing motorcycle part 1, we hope you can fix the compression section. However, if you feel like a bike or compression problem enough, but the machine still will not start? At that time, you would check the spark at the spark plug as follows:
Open the spark plug out, then mounted spark plug to capture the spark plug (for external fire test), unlocked (turn-on). Place the iron content in the "paragraph teeth" of Bu-gi touch cooler (the part can conduct electricity) of car or bike computer problems observed among cardiac sparks jumping from the spark plug across pins always jump through so (not changes), no sparks jumping around the spark plug well
If dancing haphazard, intermittent, is nowhere else to replace the spark plug. Another case, if there is no spark from the spark plug must be original fire test

Cách tạo ra điện của bu-gi

Cách tạo ra điện của bu-gi (hình của Honda)

For the original spark strong enough to start the engine, you can try the following ways:
Remove the spark plug out shooting, shooting spark plug put into iron or aluminum edge of the car is about 8mm. bicycle factory unlocked or suggestions for rotating machinery observations from the first jump rope burst through "cool" car (the car is iron or aluminum)
+ Good strong spark:
   - Jumping great to hear crackles.
   - Looking spark green, purple
   - The circular spark estimated by eye 2mm- diameter> 3mm
+ Spark weak:
   - Never heard the fire dance.
   - On yellow sparks.
   - The circular spark estimated by eye. Diameter 0.5m.m-> 1m.m.
   - If weaker than the distance of the line very cool 8mm try not seen fire dancing, very close to putting "cool" see.
+ No spark: motorcycles to fire right through 5 details:
     1. Scroll fire power source set of wheels, newer cars take the power from the electric battery. If the average damage will take power from the charger goes through. This electric current put into the IC.
     2. Scroll click wheel located on the side (the generator) is responsible for sending signals to the IC power line sparked a filter wire (spark plug connector shooting) of boron-bin ribs right time.
     3. Bo-bin ribs task when the right time given the current IC countless primary winding of potty-bin slopes and sudden breaks would give rise to strong spark at secondary coil no spark plug lead.
     4. IC has the function of receiving signals from the stimulating coil to the decision taken at the right time very power Bo-bin slopes and breaks to create sparks and ignition timing changes soon when running at high speed. Vegetarian slow late fire will strike again.


     5. The connector and line. If 4 more on good things but have no leads wire these details ruptured underground. Or loose connections and fire will weaken. Must carefully check the wiring and connectors related to the details above, if any wires off the fire he'd lost.

Cách đánh lửa của bu-gi

Cách đánh lửa của bu-gi (hình của Honda)

You're on the road if his eyes do not have enough fire kit to fix. Where do you train weak try this if you start the engine then go after temporary repairs.


Temporary fixing motorcycles or fire loss lua- weak: The gap between the spark plug and pin between the normal heart is a strong fire 0.6-0.7 mm


Nguyên nhân mất lửa ở bu-gi

Nguyên nhân mất lửa ở bu-gi (Hình của Honda)

therefore, the weak open fire spark plug out very close to the heart between pin type, distance 0.3mm.


If your computer still does not attempt to enter the motorcycle repair shop to be checked and maintained.

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