Tips to save car repair costs

Over time, operating conditions, factors outside the more often abrasive, oxidation, metamorphic ... that we can not complete functional design.

Operational structures destroyed, making the car more and more severely damaged. It causes increased repair costs.
Periodic vehicle maintenance
Maintenance because it is the best way to maintain a stable working status of the system in detail. Prevent damage especially severely damaged reducing costs. The best maintenance plan is in accordance with the manufacturer (not the dealer). By creating car manufacturers so they know what is best for their product.
The simple test content
The simple test items (a lubricant, oil brake booster, power steering, coolant in the radiator and container deposit side, or any unusual signs under the bonnet) takes only about 10 minutes but very important. It is worth mentioning here is how to maintain regularly. According to experts at the Edmund inspection frequency should be 1 month / time, except for the tire pressure to perform 1 time / week.


Trạng thái đèn cảnh báo ngay sau khi vặn khóa đến chế độ ON. Ảnh Thế Hoàng.

As for damage alerts on the dashboard lights should be handled as soon as possible. Turn the key to ON mode observers warning lights on the dashboard. Initially all bright or flashing lights are turned off later. This is a sign that the system is working normally. But about 2 minutes after ignition lights are still shining we proved the car had some problems in the system, respectively. Do not worry if you find loads or brake lights glowing because this time the engine is not working, the car is set parking brake.
Boot from consuming
Many drivers insist that helps warm up the throttle, the engine works better. This is really wrong. Because after several hours of inactivity, the engine lubricating oil clinging to the surface detail is very little movement. Therefore at startup, should maintain the engine working at low idle oil to circulate it to the required position. About 30 seconds later and drove up to the number.
Listen for unusual sounds
Hours trapped trapped in the bicycle wheel bar can be a sign that the brake pads need replacing worn. If the sound occurs even when not using the brake consider situations with strange objects on the cake. Hiss right motor areas can be caused by insect straps. If unable to determine the source of that strange sound when workers need to experience.
Avoid driving style shock Department
Uneven throttle, the brake pedal will make the car faster wobbled down. Just install the reverse gear when the car stopped completely, and also some advanced settings only when the vehicle speed is zero. This reduces the force acting on the details inside the gearbox.